CR: The New Centennial Review

CR: The New Centennial Review

Edited by: Scott Michaelsen and David E. Johnson

Frequency: Quarterly
ISSN: 1532-687X

CR: The New Centennial Review is devoted to comparative studies of the Americas that suggest possibilities for a different future.

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CR is published three times a year under the editorship of Scott Michaelsen (Department of English, Michigan State University) and David E. Johnson (Department of Comparative Literature, SUNY at Buffalo; Instituto de Humanidades, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile). The journal recognizes that the language of the Americas is translation, and that questions of translation, dialogue, and border crossings (linguistic, cultural, national, and the like) are necessary for rethinking the foundations and limits of the Americas. Journal articles address philosophically inflected interventions, provocations, and insurgencies that question the existing configuration of the Americas, as well as global and theoretical work with implications for the hemisphere.

Read CR issues online and view tables of contents at Project MUSE and the Scholarly Publishing Collective

Publisher: Michigan State University Press
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Read CR issues online and view tables of contents at Project MUSE and the Scholarly Publishing Collective.

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