Rhetoric & Public Affairs

Rhetoric & Public Affairs

Edited by: Catherine L. Langford

Frequency: 4 issues per year
ISSN: 1094-8392

Rhetoric & Public Affairs is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to the history, theory, and criticism of public discourse.

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Arenas of rhetorical investigation might include but are by no means limited to campaigns for social, political, environmental, or economic justice; modes of resistance to those campaigns; situated instances of executive leadership; legislative and judicial deliberations; comparative rhetorics; transnational diplomacy; digital circulation and mediation of public discourse; and/or constitution of political and social identities. Critical, analytical, or interpretive essays examining symbolic influences in any historical period (including the contemporary) anywhere in the world are welcome. Of special interest are manuscripts that interrogate dynamics of power and privilege, voice and voicelessness, oppression and resistance as well as axes of identity such as race, gender, sexuality, ability, citizenship, and class, as these take form in concrete rhetorical situations. Moreover, we welcome essays that explore the nexus of rhetoric, politics, and ethics—the worlds of power, persuasion, and social values as they meet in the crucible of public deliberation, debate, and protest.

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Publisher: Michigan State University Press
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Read R&PA issues online and view tables of contents at Project MUSE and the Scholarly Publishing Collective.


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